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English: Foreword - Stories - Documentary - Development Models - Brief History

Español: Introducción - Artículos - Documental - Modelos de Desarrollo - Reseña sinóptica


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Located at the southeastern extreme of Tambogrande District, Piura, Malingas Community enlarges about 400 sq kmor 248 sq mi, where 20 villages are settled down. It's borderlined at the north by San Francisco Creek (a San Lorenzo Dam's natural spillway), at the south by Morropón Province, at the east by the Western Andean Range, and at the west by the Piura River.

Malingas Community is compounded by 20 villages: Centro de Servicios Malingas (Monte Borracho), Cerro de Loros, CP8 (Esperanza de Mi Cautivo), Cruz Verde, El Carbón, El Cantero, el Carrizo, el Convento, Guaraguaos Alto (Zapote), Guaraguaos Bajo (Cocha Muerta), Las Salinas, Los Zapatas, Malingas Grande, Monteverde Alto, Monteverde Bajo, Palo Negro, Platillos, Pueblo Libre de Malingas (Chicha Fría), San Martín de Malingas and Tinajones.

Although the History tells that this was a step of Coastal Inca Royal Trail, Malingas specialized on agricultural and cattle activities as the time went on.  When San Lorenzo Irrigation started in 1960, this zone  specialized on mango, marigold, and lime export crops.  Recently it's being promoted organic cacao crop, beekeeping, and carob transformation.

Their people is affable and the environment is ideal to do a lot of activities as we will explain on this mycrosite.

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