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English: Foreword - Stories - Documentary - Development Models - Brief History

Español: Introducción - Artículos - Documental - Modelos de Desarrollo - Reseña sinóptica


  Document made with KompoZer Documentary


Malingas Zone's Development Committee (Codezo Malingas in Spanish) is powering the production of a documentary about its own community. The motion picture looks to expose the local economic activities and to support the local identity. Once finished too, it will be a powerful promotion tool locally, nationally and internationally as well.

In the project also participated Servicios generales Mangos y Limones, Fe y Alegría 48 Rural educational Programme, and Asociación Civil Factor Tierra (FACTORTIERRA).

The feature's pre-production  started in May 2009 with combined resources of previously mentioned institutions, and currently it is available the definitive draft  of the screenplay for fundraising  the project, developed by David Flores.

Additionally in July 2017 it was approved a thesis about the touristic potential's feasibility of Malingas, written by César Correa and sustained before César Vallejo University in Piura.

The documentary seeks to be completely participative, and it could be the first of its kind made across Piura Region.

If you want to support this project, please contact at

Watch some short motion pictures we have made:
Los Altares de Malingas
Malingas Wants
Malingas Undisclosed


Winner project of Peru's 2011 Environmental Citizenship National Award for Best Media Campaign. 
Proyecto ganador del Premio Nacional Ciudadanía Ambiental 2011 en Perú a la Mejor Campaña en Medios de Comunicación.
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