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English: Foreword - Stories - Documentary - Development Models - Brief History

Español: Introducción - Artículos - Documental - Modelos de Desarrollo - Reseña sinóptica


Development Models


Malingas Community has based its development model upon agriculture and cattle. Currently it owns about 2500 hectares or 6178 acres  already with mango for exportation, what becomes its lead product.

Some local specialists opine that  Malingas' mango is the most delicious of San Lorenzo Valley, and if  San Lorenzo's mangoes are the most delicious of Peru, then Malingas' mango  would be the most delicious of our country.

The countries those consume Peruvian mango are the United States and the European Union.

Another product that has begun to open its way at the international market is the lime. Other options are the passion fruit, the graple, or the cacao, those have started to be planted on large acres in Central Malingas.

Other related entrepreneurships in the zone are:

Cattle: Almost the whole Malingas raises cattle, but at the upper zone the small cattle grows up much easily because the grass breaking out after summer rains. In fact, the upper zone is dry forest, an ideal ecosystem for raise goats and bovines. The big cattle raises much easily at central and low Malingas zone s. There are not regarding significant projects.

Organic fertilizers: In Monteverde Bajo Village, with participation of students and the advisory of Fe y Alegría 48 network, THEY'REmaking  organic fertilizers for offering them a new job choice. If you need further information, go to Fe y Alegría 48 headquarters in Malingas Town, Tambogrande.

Beekeeping: el Néctar de Malingas Association joins about 30 beekeeepers across the community, interested in developing organic honey for exportation.  Currently, they are looking for funs to build  a small plant that allows them to process this product by volume.

Food Industry: Promoted by Fe y Alegría 48, some farmers started up to prepare and commerce algarrobina (carob syrup), obtained from carob's cooking.  The project is layed off because of absence of markets.

Handcrafting: FACTORTIERRA.NET has found that in villages of the upper zone, tissues are still made by using the millenial technique of waist loom. The problem is that just four weavers survive.  Also, in Guaraguaos Alto, we have found a wood sculptor. Nobody has proposed any rescue project so  FACTORTIERRA is looking for persons or organizations interested in promoting them from fair trade perspective.

Geottourism: The Malingas' local is reknown because of the naughtiness, the hospitality, and the endless memory of anecdotes and fantastic tales of the community. Eats what that land produces and the surrounding landscape is one of the most beautiful at Piura's Coast, practically brought in the Andean Range. Also, there are evidences of a historic past that is in process of study and discovery while  the paths, mounts, and water flows are atractive for the ones loving the extreme action.  You just gotta get in here.
Report on Archeological Research.
What the first thesis on tourism feasibility says about Malingas

Our former field producer Frank Nima is able to bring you into Malingas. More information at (+51)969102204



Sports: Soccer player Roberto Jiménez is not the first top sportsman of this community. Almost the whole one is full of talentswith potential  in soccer, volley,  athletism and bodybuilding. Although he really born in Máncora, Malingas has adopted to Wílmer Talledo, best known as Romario, one of the most constant but less recognized runners of Tambogrande. Sports space is still an unchartered territory, if we also consider the possibility of developing here a wide list  of extreme sports as mountain bike or rock climbing.

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