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Made in Piura
Upward Curve
Piura's organic banana finds its way in the exigent world's market.
The crown's on its way

 White cacao, likely gold.
A new muscle for little companies

El Niño
The Piura's Weakest
After the heavy rains, where should rebuilding start? we found 2 papers those give a large guideline for the government and contractors.

The Conqueror's Mistake
The Island of Old Town
Surprise! Guess what I am
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The fire is out of rule
EXCLUSIVE - A Peruvian official audit bureau says the procedure for removing sugarcane stubble in Lower Chira Valley is technically illegal.
A mushroom above the valley.

Hard to breathe.

Let's return to Nature
If you spend time at the gym, this is the best place to display your power and stamina - but athlete Ronald Benites goes beyond.
Fit to save lives
Who do you wanna look like?
Fundraising your sports career

Disinformation as a control method
EXCLUSIVE - A Peruvian court judged in favor of distributing emergency oral contraceptive in health public places. But in Piura's rural zone,how could it impact the life of women?
The day-after pill - myths and the truth

There is a strategy to prevent deaths.

 Another piece of the puzzle.
EXCLUSIVE - A FACTORTIERRA.NET's editor finds up a huge petroglyph, he reactivates one of our emblematic research not wishing it to.

Visit Piura!
The African-Andean Crescent Moon.
Fernando Barranzuela (1934-2017), the Piura's top cumanana poet, passed away last February 15th fighting to spread African heritage in this region. What it was before, what it is upcoming on this story.

Liquid shelter
We tell you all behind the proposed conservation area to be created in Pacific Ocean, Piura and Tumbes shores.
ALSO: Know Quebrada Verde Pier.

Palo Blanco's Dry Forest.
The community is keeping an area expecting to have specialists for understanding a pretty much biodiversity in a surface similar to 200 soccer fields.

Rio Blanco Issue
The Piura's Green eldorado
A mythical lost city what seems not to be too mythical, a forest where Peru's national bird also got home. we're talking about the Piura's largest conservation area.
ALSO: There's a developing research about medicinal plants.

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