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El Dandy's Arts philosophy - the canvas can change but not the essence.

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By Nelson Peñaherrera C

Art Production by El Dandy.

For Dandy Vílmer Ruíz Estrada, 35, interacting with a computer supposed a partway not in terms of breaking up but synchronic projection: the past represented by  the tradition of the cloth canvas  and the brush, the future expressed in bits and pixels, and the present was himself  with his creativity and his curiousity on his back.

So instead separating them, he integrated all the physical and virtual media like his elements of artistic expression and gave an additional step: the fascination for the motion image, the sound and the volume incorporated  inside his creative proposal not only representing what his senses perceive but, inclusive, using himself as a canvas,  model, and raw matter to sculpt.

Maybe the merit  of this plastic artist born in Mallaritos Town, a Sullana City rural suburb, and based in Sullana City, actually, is that everything is self-learned. And applying that old principle of taught lesson, learned lesson, he added that about applied lesson, or experiencing with the technology he had where his hand could reach, said otherwise.

From his friends' computer, his own laptop, or even his smartphone, Dandy conjugates the verb to experience in everyway, until abstracting him and the result breakes an 'already' of satisfaction.

But since the art is art while published, Dandy realized on the Internet a conduit for the world to know his talent, and despite choosing to an advisor or a firm to be released, he decided to concentrate the whole marketing chain.

Of course, that implied to learn by himself how to edit a blog or to manage his Facebook account, but curiousity is another characteristic of his.

Dandy understans that the art also has to pay the bills, and that implies to balance everything to settle into a principle: turning attractive to the audiences not giving up your essence, what your conscience states, to highlight where is approppriate  and putting the finger on the wound although the rest fears that disminishes sympathy.

Part of that philosophy passes through  realizing himself as a perfectible subject and as an object of artistic expression.
Atracted by the surrealism, the human figure is one of his recurrent topics on his paintings, drawings, and sketches as well. But against the possibly supposed, he does not use models. He brings the bodies out  his imagination and his memory. The rest is printing them.

Once upon a day, he asked what happened if these bodies he represents skillful were his own body, but he remained to reach  to the canon or the Golden Ratio celebrated by the classics like Leonardo or Michelangelo. Then, he embraced the bodybuilding like a way to turn into another artwork instead of apure sports discipline,and once he got results, he experienced by adding the existent graphic design technology. A health condition led him to discontinue the process.

One of his projects is producing his first short film that mixes live motion to CGI objects, and using a smartphone screen like brush and canvas.

Entrepreneuring And Globalizing
Additionally, Dandy is building a personal brand, El Dandy, which he pretends to integrate all that portfolio  to a proposal of recycling art is added, that consists to use all inorganic solid residues  to create functional objects but with a pretty marked touch of creativity.

Dandy is also conscious  that the art itself is not profittable in a region like Piura,  so he had to add it another economic activity  he knows very well after he was recruited by the militia:  the surveillance of people and facilities.

However, he also knows  that in actual conditions, security services are a latent risk, and he is actually an artist, so his next plans are focusing in continuing to globalize  his works and to try  the possibility to do pedagogy with them and through them.

As a graduated from Piura's Ignacio Merino Arts High School, Dandy has the approppriate tools to follow up  creating and beginning to educate.

He seems not to lose that ability  of wondering  and he definetly do not lose the enthusiasm. Any unrelated person could  think  it is about another dreamer  fixated in not leaving the youth alone, but what about if  we had  a kind of sui-generis entrepreneur in front of us? Only time will say if he was right.

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