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2018 Highlights
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This analisis applies only to the contents offer we serve on our website and our affiliate blogs what is based on Piura Region, Peru.

First Trimester
The fair-trade system allowed the world to know about the organic products of Piura, but it wants to learn more. However, it is also interested in knowing if those achievements mean better life conditions for our population, and how all that eases us to solve top problems, like emergencies.

Despite this, we still are capable to wonder the planet with our landscapes, so the environmental topic is very interesting worldwide. As we can keep those landscapes in good conditions, we have a huge potential in ecologic tourism.

This late one combines perfectly with outdoors sports and activities we have to boost largerly.

White Cacao - Almost Like Gold
The awarded flavor comes from a humble village near Chulucanas City.

Have You Got The Lesson?

The healthy feeding can raise the scores in this Huancabamba's City school, but what about the rest of Piura Region?

The Conqueror's Mistake
The White Lake
A Crime Inside Five Miles
On The Integration's Way
Spaces Under Pressure
Is The Aroma Fading?


On The Integration's Way
A Sullana-based radio sstation celebrates the peace of Peru and Ecuador by riding on a bike.

A Crime Inside Five Miles

Piura's Green eldorado

United States
Who Didn't Move My Cheese?

Cascapampa's Coppers

Upward Curve
White Cacao - Almost Like Gold

How Much Does Genetics Influence On Me?
Your family heritage is key in the process of building your body.

Feeding - A Few Interesting Focus For The Human
Doing exercise is not the only that you need to have a great shape.

Yoga, A Different Philosophy
Why this activityh improves your body and mind and where to practice in Piura City.

The Scorpion Teaches His Tricks
Turn It On Green
Have more highlights on ChulucanasGym

Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

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