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CNN en Español ranks Piura as a good touristic destination in Latin America.

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By El Regional de Piura

Foca Island, Paita District Coast. It interested to our audience in Malaysia, United Kingdom, and United States.
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Photo by Giuseppe Aguinaga, distributed by FACTORTIERRA.NET

The wide geographic and social-cultural space that Piura Region means, comes being recognized as an important touristic destination. According to existent information, it has become a trend as a Peruvian touristic destination in Latin America for the vacation time, Atlanta-based CNN en Español news network highlighted when quoting a report  about global-wide travel websites. (The network broadcasts in Spanish language, it is available across the Americas.)

The prestigious medium points out that according to Viajala, a hotel-&-flight free metasearch engine comparing travel websites around the world, Piura marks, with other destinations of six Latin-American nations, a growth of searches as a touristic destination over the average, as well as a very favorable price fluctuation for travellers.

Viajala  analyzed over than 47 million searches to identify the growing destinations  those are generating trends in Latin America.

Acording to Viajala's co-founder and CEO Thomas Allier, those places are not accumulating the most volume of travellers  or searches neither, due to they do not match to the countries' capitals, they are not neither the usual places those we all know, but those ones with a significant increase for the travellers interest, expressed in the searches and those ones also offering a decrease or a tiny increase of rates.

Based on the results of Viajala's research, Piura reports an 84,1% growth compared to 2017 and a -1,4% prices average variation (decrease) in touristic services.

Above: Las Palmeras de Yaranche Coppers, Tambogrande District, amid San Lorenzo Valley. Get the full story.
Below: Palo Blanco Community, Chulucanas District, on the first slopes of the Andean Range. Get the full story.

Both destinations interested in Germany.
Both photos by Marco Flores and Marco Paulini/FACTORTIERRA.NET

Attractions of Piura Region
It is necessary to point out that Piura Region is one of the favorite destinations in Peruvian Northern, due to it owns a series of natural and cultural atractions representing to the North-PeruvianCoast and Range. Visiting Piura gives a chance to enjoy ideal beaches for resting and recreation, but also for doing water sports, fishing, and the privileged watching of whales and other unique species of Peruvian Sea.

Including Piura City and its historic downtown, it is possible to know Catacaos and Chulucanas towns, remarkable for their artisans, as well as Ayabaca and Canchaque.

It also can be visitted the beaches of Colán, Cabo Blanco, Máncora, Lobitos, Los Órganos, and sechura. And for eco-tourism lovers, there is the natural area of Cerros de Amotape National Park, with extraordinary biodiversity.

Cascapampa Coppers, Sondorillo District, where the Andean clody forest turns a páramo. It interested in Germany. Get the full story.
Photo by Ronald Benites, distributed by FACTORTIERRA.NET

Piura's Placement Factors
Asked about why those places are trending, Viajala explains that factors as aerial routes opening, low-cost airlines introducing, or the touristic development of the destination were key for the few traditional cities to lead the ranking. Currently we have flights arriving directly to Piura City (PIU) and others may land in Talara City (TIL)*.

The rates decrease means the destination is becoming more attractive, so there is more competition in routes. More offers also mean lower prices, it explained.

The fact of identifying the trends in each country also speaks about the good dynamics of its tourism. According to Viajala, Mexico is the country that has more receptive turism while Brazil highlights for having the major passengers inner market. However, Colombia is what grows faster.

In that sense, it stated the Viajala Report will be repeated every year and pretends to warn how the preferences of each country go modifying and how the context of the industry impacts on the decisions taken at the travelling time.

* FACTORTIERRA.NET considers another airport choice could be Macará Citty's (MRR), in Loja Province, Ecuador, less than 10 miles away the borderline with Peru, and conveniently connected to it through the Pan-AAmerican Highway that starts in Piura or Sullana Cities. It can reach Quito, the capital of Ecuador.
with reports of Agencia Andina, based on CNN en Español.

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