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A Peruvian-Style Drink?
The trend in coktails is coming back to the organic and traditional.

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Photo Courtesy by José Luis Valencia.

LIMA, Peru - At least  in Peru, the trend of the bartending -the art  of preparing drinks, many times, based upon the consumer's personality- is the return to the roots in terms of flavors and the procedence of used inputs, where  the organic begins to be more relevant, and against many people could think, this re-discovery has estimulated the creativity of this industry combining arts and sience.

José Luis Valencia, 33, is one of the bartenders who is surfing the wave, incorporating into his chart many drinks having  typical products of the Peruvian towns as exponents, including Piura's algarrobina (carob syrup), which is more versatile than people suspects, he says,  because it can combine to a wide range of ingredients for creating true delights.

In fact, Valencia has an alliance with D'Calidad, a Sullana-based little company, that provides him with 100%-organic-&-legitimate algarrobina and beehoney, according to the bartender's verification. The alliance consists in he promoting one of the flagship Piura's products while the company eases him apure and healthy  input.

Valencia is 15 years of experience as bartender, and now he advises bars and other colleagues, manages the fanpage Shaking, directs the bartender training firm Cocktail Experiences, has been participant of Tales Of The Cocktail initiative, winner of Mixology Challenge Peru 2016.

He  is also an ambassador  of Ron Diplomático in south America, and D'Calidad.

Photo Courtesy by José Luis Valencia.

- What have been you working recently?
- The last months, I've been analyzing the market and the proposal related to the drinks. I know they open many more projects and some others are marking their continuity because of some success taken the last year.

- And where are you developing them?
- Currently, I'm not in one specific bar, I mean. Mainly, I'm making many activities with the rum brand which I'm an ambassador, Ron Diplomático, and many social events too, and advising bars or diverse accounts.

- What is Shaking doing?
- Special mention, giving it a necessary space into this year's schedule with my partner Silvana for the diverse activities Shaking will have, which is growing up  in a very interesting way, we are eever  in constant renewal.

- Will you follow to work in diverse bars?
- It's very possible in the short term I can come back at an own bar, where I'll develop free, no-boundaries cocktails.

-What trend is being currently followed in proffessional bars?
- I know  the re-use  of the products is like a trend, what we can give a better use and avoid the decreases. So to be conscious about the impact on the environment, that way.

- Which role are playing the organic products, like the honey or the algarrobina?
- According to the also-trend of having better feeding habits, it's into our concerns as proffessionists  to understand everything about that. So, the organic producs are being demanded much everytime else for making diverse recipes.

- Is there any innovation in the drinks containing, or based on, natural products?
- Basically, I think the use of textures. There are diverse cook applications which are being re-invented, as well as they are being applied to cocktails, from understanding we can clear without needing machines, generating essential oils by maceration and such many other techniques those are opening a deeper handicraft work. One of them, which is already super-set up is the dehydration. Much everytime else, the bars go to this technique for their decoration.

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