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2017 Highlights

The main topics those our visitors found on our stories, or were searching for and found on them, are exportable products, arts, tourism and environmental conscience.

The visitors who used Google enjoyed our original story about the radio station that organized a bike ride trip for celebrating the Peace Agreement of Peru and Ecuador, since 1999 to 2017 inclusive. This story features a historical brief of a centennial boundary conflict that ended into an enthusiastic programme of integration, plus beatiful valleys and dry forest landscapes.

The visitors who used Twitter mostly connected from North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, and United Kingdom), Africa (South Africa and Cameroon), South America (Peru) and Oceania (Australia), and were interested on arts, exportable products, tourism, culture, and environmental conscience.

The stories and features with more interactions along 2017 on Twitter were:
- The pictorical interpretation of Sullana-based painter El Dandy about the climate change
- The performance of Piura Andes' coffe in markets abroad
- How the Chira Valley's banana is reaching more markets in the U.S. and Europe
- The archeological evidences in Sapillica District and their first insights
- The potential of Malingas Community in Tambogrande District as a rural tourism destination
- The African heritage into the Piura's cultural identity
- The orchard at a Huancabamba elementary school that helped to raise scores in classroom
- The village near Chulucanas City where the white cacao is growed for exportation
- The environmental issue created by a bad decision from ethanol industry in Lower Chira Valley

Healthy Lifestyles
Our affiliate blog ChulucanasGym also has a very good performance throuh 2017, especially for Twitter users in the United States, Canada, India and the United Kingdom. The users looked for advices for healthy practices and workouts and references of people who use them successfully, as well.

The stories with more interaction were:
- The good and the bad of adopting a model, an idea or the own experience for tasking a beter body shape
- The good technique for warming up
- The influence of genetics into the physical achievement
- The bodybuilder and contributing writer Ronald Benites declares himself as a devote to Nature
- 11 tips for bodybuilders and athletes looking for a sponsorship.

It is necessary to remark that local bodybuilders and athletes were involved in the co-production of almost all those stories for they can reach new audiences around the world, even not speaking English. We also advised them about how to interact to these new audiences.

Having all those results, you may have a better idea of what the people is looking for in Piura, or what Piura is able to offer the world, so if you are interested in going deeply about each insight, you can depend on us to be an objective and serious conduit. Just write us down at and tell us what you have in mind.

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