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The Cat’s Petroglyph

By Nelson Peñaherrera. Photos by Estany Tineo.  Cambia a español.

SAPILLICA, Peru – It is five kilometers to the southeast of Sapillica town, in Trujillo [pronounce “Truhiyo”] Community. The rock is very smaller (more or less one meter height and a meter and a half length), hidden among corn fields, but the drawings are relatively pretty conserved, performing anthropomorphic shapes and simplified faces and a cat, what gives the name to the site.

From here, it is possible to look at Loma Alta. We could be in a seq’e, or a virtual line that connects two sacred sites. Unlike Loma Alta Petroglyph, what is in the heights and beside a way, Cat’s is slope down of Sapillica [pronounce “Sapijicah”] and walking for about 15 minutes from the same way that connects to the coast.

However, according to the research by Sapillica District Municipality’s Alesban López, this petroglyph is the nearest to district capital.
Another detail of this place is its closeless from a current water flow, but for getting it, there is a way going down a crack that could fill during rainy season.

If there is a connection to Loma Alta, we only can trust in the photographs by the moment. An archeological survey shall offer major useful information. Until then, it is not forbidden to suppose.

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