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A mushroom above the valley

FACTORTIERRA.NET. Photos by Iván Mazo.  Cambia a español.

SULLANA, Peru – Our story of claims from La Huaca District (Paita County) because of alleged pollution caused by sugarcane stubble burning faced us to a detail we had dismissed: the smoke in the atmosphere does not know about borderlines.

Mid-November 2015, engineer Ivan Mazo came back his home in Nuevo Amanecer Acres, located in Sullana (pronounce “Soojana”) Metro Area’s South limit, when he saw a clod in the sky acting unusual: it grew fastly and blurred the 5 pm.-Sun quicly, in the middle of Austral Spring.

As he got away more throughout the South of the city, he saw the cloud raising like a mushroom, typical pattern of a steam massive spreading in a nuclear or volcanic explosion either. The case is any of both happen in tis part of the world.

When he was 9 km away downtown and watching toward West, he realised the smoke screen raised from the soil in the vanishing point considering his visual perspective. Is it proof of sugarcane stubble burning affecting the sky of Chira Valley?

The most probable explanation of how the smoke could travel about 20 km to the East is because during the day along the South Pacific coast, Humboldt Current trends to pull the wind toward Andean Range, and as Piura has a much larger coast strip, it can spread it much far almost above the soil surface until it becomes less dense and lifts up, but as altitude increases, cold air is still denser then it creates the mushroom pattern.

While we were verifying these Pictures, we have found many eyewitnesses who accredit the phenomenon shown here but they did not pay it attention neither shot it. Actually, this mushroom has been the first what travelers have seen while they approached to Sullana from the South. Facing those evidences, will it be thinking La Huaca conflict only locks inside its borderlines?

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